Thank you for taking the time to look at a few samples of Very Practical Chinese. We think you'll agree, after looking at the Table of Contents, three chapters, sample glossary pages and more that this is an amazing study tool that will bring you to the Mandarin proficiency level you want — in terms of understanding, listening comprehension, speaking, and even writing! We're opening up our books and audio files to you so you can see firsthand what's inside before you decide to buy Very Practical Chinese! Take a look!

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The Very Practical Chinese Book

Table of Contents

In addition to the first three chapters of the VPC book, here is our Table of Contents, so you can see exactly what you're getting from our conversation book! 45 conversations on a wide range of topics!

VPC Book Chapter 1

VPC Book Chapter 2

VPC Book Chapter 3

Pinyin English Glossary

40 pages - over 3000 words, phrases and even sentences found in the VPC Book and Study Guide, listed alphabetically by their phonetic (pinyin) component. A great reference and study tool
~see for yourself!

English Pinyin Glossary

This is the same list, only this time alphabetically ordered by English meaning. A great way to cross-reference your learning and look up words and phrases quickly. Take a look!

Tongue Twisters!

There are 20 well known tongue twisters in this book! They're a great way to limber up your tongue and guaranteed to impress your friends!


Only Very Practical Chinese gives you up-to-the-minute slang — straight from the streets of Taipei!
16 pages of great street slang you won't find in any other book!


Although many proverbs are hundreds of years old, they're used in everyday conversations. We've chosen 36 of the most oft used proverbs and showcased them in dialogues, showing you how to use these age-old expressions in modern life!

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The Very Practical Chinese Study Guide

The Study Guide is a 225 page guide to the VPC book, in which each and every sentence of the 45 dialogues is broken down, line by line, for ease of comprehension. In additon, the Study GUide provides explanations of common expressions, and many more examples based on the vocabulary and sentence patterns in the book. While the book can stand on its own, the Study Guide is a tremendous resource to possess, expertly complimenting the book. Take a look!

VPC Study Guide Chapter 1

VPC Study Guide Chapter 2

VPC Study Guide Chapter 3

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