Fold-over Vocabulary Review Sheets

The VPC Fold-over Vocabulary Review Sheets are a great way to cement the VPC vocabulary from the VPC Dialogues, Exercises, and Study Guide. Print them out, fold them over and you're ready to go - they're perfect when you're on the go or tired of using the computer, and best of all, they're really effective for memorizing characters!

Go chapter by chapter, and then when you want more of a challenge, print out one of the randomized fold-overs! Each one is different! Start with randomized fold-overs that pull vocabulary from just two chapters and work your way to the foldovers that pull vocabulary from 10 or more chapters. What you'll find is that it's more difficult to recognize a character completely out of context, but if you can do it, that means you really know it!

Right now there are Fold-over Vocabulary sheets for Chapters 1-19 of the VPC Book, and we expect to have the rest done (all 45 chapters) by January or so, so keep checking back for more, we will add them as we make them!

Good Luck and Happy Studying!

Check out this Fold-over Vocabulary sample sheet, shown in three stages: Click to enlarge

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VPC Chapter by Chapter Fold-over Vocabulary Sheets

VPC Randomized Fold-over Vocabulary Sheets