Very Practical Chinese Book

Looking for a Chinese textbook that delivers? Look no further! This is the book you’ve been waiting for! With Very Practical Chinese, you’ll NEVER hear the words “That sounds strange!” or, even more frustrating, “We don’t say that anymore!”

The VPC Book is different because it focuses on providing you with practical, current dialogues you can use in your everyday life. Written by a teacher who lived in Taiwan for ten years, learning both the language and the culture, it was rigorously edited by two native speakers, both Chinese teachers, each with a decade of experience teaching Mandarin in some of Taipei’s most prestigious schools.

The combination of these two perspectives, that of a native English speaker living an expat life in Taiwan, in conjunction with those of two native Mandarin speakers, both professional teachers with decades of experience between them, has created a truly unique resource for any student of Chinese! Quite simply, you’ll learn what you WANT to say, what you NEED to say, all in a way that native speakers will instantly recognize as being “the way we speak”.

45 conversations on a variety of topics you need in your everyday life. Want to see EXACTLY what’s in the Very Practical Chinese Book? We’ll show you Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in their entirety, including audio files! In addition, we open up our book to show you the Table of Contents, sample pages from the glossary, slang, proverbs and tongue twisters. This book is the real deal; it’s everything you need to become fluent in Mandarin faster than you’d ever dream possible. Take a look and see for yourself!

Show me sample chapters from the VPC Book!

The VPC Study Guide

The Ultimate Study Tool!

What started off simply as a few notes each chapter at the back of the book blossomed into it a book of its own! The VPC Study Guide is a comprehensive 225 page companion to the Very Practical Chinese Book. Each 5-6 page chapter breaks down the text, line-by-line for every one of the 45 dialogues, in a format that is both easy to understand and easy to absorb.

Not only that, but the VPC Study Guide elaborates on useful words and phrases, offering additional examples, practical sentences and phrases good for everyday life.

The VPC Study Guide also takes a common sense approach to Chinese grammar, illustrating common grammar concepts and sentence patterns using real life situations to create useful examples of things to say in a grammatically correct way.

We’re sure the VPC Study Guide is worth its weight in gold! While the VPC Book can stand on its own, the VPC Study Guide is an invaluable tool that will help you get the most out of the 45 dialogues found in the VPC Book! Take a look at the sample chapters provided and see for yourself!

Show me sample chapters from the VPC Study Guide!